Sunday, July 23, 2006

5000 Sunday

We just got back from the Hyatt Chesapeake for Mama's "work" event. I say "work" in quotes because apparently "work" consists of getting facials and massages, a crab feast, and an all-expenses paid weekend to hang out with other work folks. I guess "evil law" has some perks. I think they did it just to make her feel better about starting work again in a week.

Even though I had no spa treatments (Mama says I dont need a facial anyway), I had fun anyway. Got to hang out with my friends Henry, Alex, and Charlotte, and also saw Charlie and Adeline too (all kids of Mama's work people). Henry even held me on his lap. He's getting so big. My favorite part was the swimming, even though it was a little overcast and chilly. They have a huge indoor pool and hot tub, and I swam around with my moms and also floated on my baby inner tube.

Hope to get some more pics up this week, but our notebook computer (from which most blogging occurs) is on the fritz. First the sound went. Then the USB port went. So we finally gave in and ordered a new MacBook Pro and it should be here by the end of the week- the first time my moms have gotten an Apple computer since they were in middle school, but we hear great things about them and are looking forward to it. The only downside is that it doesnt support Picasa, which I love to use for blogging pics. Oh well, I'm sure iLife will have good options also...

In other news, I had my 5000th visitor to this blog while we were away. Can you believe it? it's small change in the greater blog world, but as this blog is about, well, not much, other than me i'm excited. And my moms are too. Who knew a little guy like me would be so popular???

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