Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Gus's First Advocacy Piece

(Note: this blog is about me, Gus, and my life. So mostly you'll get cute pictures and updates on what I've been up to lately. It's not a political soapbox, nor do I intend, hope, or expect it to become primarily a forum for commentary on politics or current events. So my loyal readers who come searching for photos, don't fear, this post isn't the norm. But sometimes things happen in our communities that affect me or families like mine, so I think they're worth mentioning.)

I don't really think much about politics, being a newborn baby and all, but I saw this and it upset me even more than having my diaper changed. As some of you who might read this may live in Virginia, I thought I'd post it. A bill like the one described below that was proposed in Virginia by Del Bob Marshall would mean doctors couldnt help two loving moms like mine conceive cute little guys like me - people! I wouldn't be here!!!! (Not to mention the impact it would have on all kinds of other families, gay or straight, who don't want to or aren't allowed to get married.)

Having failed to convince his colleagues in the General Assembly to ban gay and lesbian adoption by co-patroning Del. Black’s adoption bill last year, Bob Marshall now proposes to ensure that child bearing is limited to women who are married. He's introduced a bill, HB 187, that would prohibit doctors and other licensed health professionals from assisting unmarried women with becoming pregnant. This would preclude lesbian couples from becoming a family through artifical insemination, gay couples from becoming a family through surrogacy, unless the surrogate was married, and would even prevent a widow from being inseminated with her dead husband's sperm or their embryos. One cannot presume all the various circumstances that might lead an unmarried woman using in vitro or in vivo fertilization. A deceased husband may have "banked" his sperm or embryos before starting medical treatments, a soldier may want to ensure that he will be able to have children even if killed in combat, and infertile couple may seek a surrogate to bear their child. This is another direct attack on all families in Virginia.

From what I hear, this guy is generally a right-wing zealot who wants to mess around in people's personal lives alot, so hopefully the rest of the General Assembly wont agree with him. You can email him giving him your thoughts on HB 187 at If you live in Virginia and want to contact your legislator directly, you can find his or her contact info using this link .

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