Thursday, May 25, 2006

What a week so far...

I'm still smilin' but it has been quite the week. Here are some of the "highlights":

Mama and I got up early on Tuesday for my doctor's appointment, which was at 8:30 am. According to Mama, as Doctor Z told me a month ago, I needed an immunoglobin shot for Thailand. Tuesday was supposed to be my "travel visit" and I was supposed to get my shot. But apparently no one told Doctor C, who I saw. Instead, she made us wait half hour, came in to tell us that I would need an immunoglobin shot (i said, "duh, doctor C, we, like, totally know that already"). Then she said, we don't have it here, so here is a prescription. Your pharmacy will probably have to order it, and then come back for another appointment. So now I have to go back AGAIN next week, and then again 2 weeks later for my 6 month appt. JEEEZ! I think my Moms just love to pay co-pays or something.

There's this tooth thing going on, and I can't for the life of me find many good things to chew on except for fingers. No, I don't like the things you put in the freezer. Or the bumpy pretzel. Or the plastic keys. Or most of the other 1000 teething things my mama got me. The only thing I kind of like is the teething beads, but even that only satisfies me for a second. So instead I chew on fingers (mine and my moms), faces (mostly mama's), and paper. yes, paper. I have discovered the joy of crinkling magazine pages, ripping them out, wadding them up, and chewing them. (while my moms try to intervene before the chewing phase to keep me from choking. And it's not just magazines- when mama was carrying me, I snuck the Sears receipt out of her hand and when she took it back it was missing a chunk...

I got a nifty Frog Pod for the bath. It's this organizer/scoop/toy holder thing shaped like a frog. Guaranteed to stick to any surface (except silicone tile). So we followed the instructions for installation. Waited the requisite time. Attached the frog apparatus. Put on my bath accessories. Admired it's cuteness and its utilitarian nature. I got in the bath and it immediately fell down. Luckily, Mama didn't put my tub right under it.

We called to change our seats on the flight to Cornell this weekend. Apparently, it is difficult for the person in front to recline if I am going to be in a carseat. So to try to alleviate this problem and to avoid someone in front of me reclining in my lap, we wanted to change our seats so that Mommy and I sat together, and Mama sat in front of me. Originally we had seats so that Mama was across the aisle. So Mama called the customer service folks at UsAirways.
Mama: "I'd like to see if I can change my seat because [explains problem]
Customer service: Ma'am, the plane configuration is 2 on one side of the aisle and 2 on the other.
Mama: "Um. Yes. See, right now there is the baby, one adult and then the other adult across the aisle. I'd like to move myself so I am sitting in front of the baby instead of across the aisle."
Customer service: Okay. Hmm. okay. So you want [Mama] and [Mommy] sitting together, and then Gus in another row?"
Mama: "Um. No. He is an infant. 5 months old. Can't sit by himself. Will have a carseat. Instead of having one of us sit next to him and the other across the aisle, I wanted to find out if we could have one of us sit next to him and the other in front of him"
Customer service: Okay. Hmmm. You can't do that because the row in front of him is an exit row. Those are for premium frequent flyers. I can't assign that, but you can ask at the airport"
Mama: "Okay. All we care about is our configuration. We don't have to keep those seats or that row. Is that seating available anywhere on the plane?"
CS: "I can't do that. The plane is already occupied"
Mama: "You mean full?"
CS: "Yes. We only have 2 more seats we can assign. The rest are reserved for aiport control."
Mama: [thinking okay why not just tell me that at the beginning] Okay, thanks.

Mama then went to read about the policies for carseats on board UsAir. Turns out one of their policies is no carseats in or BEHIND the exit row. She calls back...

Mama: [explains first conversation, explains that she found this rule, explains that we've had reserved seats since Feb]
CS2: "Please hold"
[bad 80's music]
CS2: "Okay, I have confirmed that an infant cannot sit behind an exit row"
Mama: "Okay but what does that mean for our seats? Because we are assigned to the row behind the exit row. And we will not be leaving our infant behind. So what do we do? We need at least 2 seats together because he can't sit by himself"
CS2: "at least 25% of the seats are under aiport control. We only have 2 seats left that we can assign for our quota of 75% so I can't assign you new seats"
Mama: "Well if we move seats, that opens up 3 seats, plus the 2 other seats, so you have at least 5 seats to work with. Can you assign us 2 together and a 3rd elsewhere?"
CS2: "It doesnt work that way. Just show up on Sat and you will get your seat assignments. I will put a note in your record that you are traveling with an infant in a car seat so that you wont be assigned improper seats again"
Mama: "Thanks. But since I purchased an "Infant in Seat" fare, doesn't USAir already know I am traveling with an infant in a car seat?"
CS2:No Ma'am


In other news, we decided to purchase a Graco Comfort Sport carseat for use on the plane b/c the Britax is too heavy and may be too big for the airplane seat and we dont want to move them now that the installation has been police approved. We figured it was a good investment b/c I have 3 more plane trips this summer where I'll have a seat and need a carseat that fits on board the airplane...

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