Wednesday, April 05, 2006

15 Weeks Already

Happy 15 Week Birthday to My Cute Little Self!

In honor of my birthday, here is a photo list of the things that I am into these days...

Mama's Doggie Pajamas

All Light Fixtures in the House

The Giant (and shiny) Clock in the Living Room

The Hawaiian Quilts (also in the living room)

Playing with the Leap Frog Learning Seat

The Family Book by Todd Parr (love the colors!)

And one thing that my moms, no matter how hard they try, cannot get me to like...

Because I Far Prefer My Own Hands

So this week has been a pretty busy one, settling into a routine with Mama now that she is home with me. Yesterday we went to Gymboree, today we slept in and took a walk, tomorrow we have a playdate at the zoo, and Friday we are meeting my new buddy Reece for lunch. I liked Gymboree alright, but it wasn't a big class. We pretty much did the same kinds of things that Mama and I can do at home, just with more structure. It looked like the older kids were having a great time, so i might go back when I am a bit older... They have a pretty big class, but there was only one other baby there for my class. Her name was Emily, and I spent about 75% of my time just looking at her and giggling and laughing. Just call me Mr. Flirt!

We think Uncle Mike gave Mommy a cold, so she hasn't been feeling all that well this week. My moms think I may have a little something, because I seemed a bit more tired and more cranky than usual today. Hope I'm not sick, and if I am, hope I get better soon!

I've come pretty far in these 15 weeks. I am about 25 and a half inches long, about 16 pounds (we think), and am developing all kinds of skills. I can grab my toy ladybug with both hands (and try to eat it, of course) if my moms dangle it over me, I can roll from my back to my side, and I am doing really well with my tummy time, even though i still don't love it. I am also very vocal, making all kinds of sounds, something that was pretty apparent to my Mama at Gymboree because Emily, an older woman at 5 months, didn't make a peep. Luckily, despite growing like a weed (a chubby weed) I am still in 3-6 month clothes and should be for at least a few more weeks, although I am growing out of my "small" size Fuzzi Bunz diapers. We ordered some mediums and I just moved up a snap on the Bum Genius. Wow. My life is getting so exciting! ;-)

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