Friday, December 26, 2008


So Clay is over 14 months old now. He wont have a doctor's appointment for another few weeks, but we thought we'd give you an update on what and how he's doing!

He is a tall guy, just like his brother. He's wearing mostly size 2Ts or 80-90cms, and between a 4 and a 5 shoe. He loves anything that involves throwing things (about half his christmas presents involved balls), or stacking or especially placing toys inside other toys (or putting his toothbrush inside the humidifer, or his toys inside the subwoofer, etc). Speaking of toothbrushes, he also loves brushing his teeth. He'd go to bed late and sleep late if you let him. He hasn't had any more ear infections, knock wood, and for now it seems like holding off on tubes was the right move. As far as food, he loves applesauce, melon, and bread. As far as other foods, he goes back and forth- some days he'll love carrots, yogurt, or something else, the next day, not so much.

He seems to pretty much understand most everything we say, and responds to simple directions, so we think his hearing is back on track (his ear infections/fluid had caused some hearing loss earlier). He says a very, uh, interesting assortment of words, primarily influenced by his older brother. These include Hi, Ma-Ma, Teeth, Cady (the dog), Woof, Hot, Head, Ba-Ba (brother), Cheese, Fish, and, thanks to gus, Stinky, and Poop. He's also said Mommy, Dennis, and few others once or twice. He does more signing than Gus did, and signs for food, please, more, nursing/milk, hi/byehug, and no.

He is in every way a climber, much more than Gus ever was. He'll clamor to be let out of his Tripp Trapp high chair, only to climb back up it seconds later and try to climb onto the table. Right now he's sitting on the coffee table because every time I take him down, he climbs back up. The cutest thing he's doing these days is opening his arms really wide to say he wants a hug, and when you hug him, he pats you with his little hands. He also likes to wakes me up in the morning with a big "Hi" and a grin. More than anything he loves his big brother, and trying to do everything Gus does. if gus is sleeping and clay is not, clay will climb into his bed and give him a big hug (and then try to wake him).

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