Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Oh Daycare, Why Do You Hate Me So

Yesterday my mommies and I went to look at 2 more daycare centers. SO our options are now as follows:

Daycare 1: Friendly people, secure, 5 minutes from our house, cleanest of the bunch, well laid-out, and highly recommended. My mommies tell me they loved it. But the chances of my getting in, pretty much zero. Priority is given to federal employees, and the employees of that agency, and they only have 6 total spots. Waiting list fee, $75.00 (non-refundable)

Daycare 2: We haven't actually been there to visit but our extensive research shows that it is very well-run, clean, and secure. Run by Easter Seals, so lots of children from diverse backgrounds, including children with physical disabilities. A little further from my house, but still close. My mommies think this too would be a great place for me to be and learn. Chance of getting in, well again priority goes to federal employees and the last thing they said to us was "call us if your federal status changes". Waiting list fee, $75 or $100, nonrefundable.

Daycare 3: A private (ie non-federal) center, so we have a better shot of getting in. Not too far from home, although in the opposite direction of mama's work, while the other 3 are on the way. More importantly, wasn't as clean as the others, although they aren't supposed to they combine the older toddlers with the infants, the only "toys" in the infant area were swings and other things that you put little guys like me in (as opposed to playing with them), they are supposed to have 2 teachers (so they qualify for 6 infant spaces at a 3:1 required ratio) but one of them "works part-time" so sometimes there is only 1 teacher for 6 infants, the teacher for the 2 year olds was really rude and didn't really interact with her kids at all other than to yell at them, and it generally seemed, um, not so good. Chances of getting in, okay. No deposit necessary until there is a spot.

Daycare 4: Another federal center, similar to center 1, but the director was far less outgoing and didn't really show us the rest of the center or explain much to us. The infant teacher seemed nice though, and they had lots of developmentally appropriate toys (no swings). When we were leaving, child protective services showed up, which my moms say isn't the best sign, but we think they were investigating parents, not the center (but who knows). Chances of getting in? Let's just say that the director pulled out a 3 inch binder of application forms, and we were about the 5th form from the end of the list. 'Nuf said.

So now we have to consider a plan E, whatever that may be.... at least I am still cute!

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