Monday, February 19, 2007

Quick Update for President's Day

So I'm walking almost all the time (rarely resort to crawling anymore) and I'm climbing all over things too. not sure I picked the best time to start walking "full-time" as it's still cold and icy here, which means lots of slipping and sliding, even when holding a mom's hand. Walking also means I have two free hands to grab stuff. Usually stuff I'm not supposed to grab. And/or the dog. Poor dog.

Mama and I both had off today, and we went shopping. Shopping at places that don't have shopping carts. Which meant walking and using those two free hands to knock things off of shelves, shake a magazine rack, etc. My mama seemed thrilled! Hey, at least I didn't shave my head like that pop-star-who-will-shall-not-be-named.

In addition to walking, I'm working on the talking. I can say a bunch of words - hi, bye, cady, lewis, shoe, up, thank you, woof woof, uh oh, and pillow. I can sign some too- more, please, food, all done (as you can tell, I'll do pretty much anything if it gets me something to eat). I can also pull out the step stool from under the sink, climb up on it, stand at the sink, and brush my teeth (really!). I can turn light switches on and off. And open doors. I'm getting closer to being able to use a spoon, but do my best work with finger foods.

I got to check out how my friends were developing this weekend when we went to my buddy Owen's first birthday party. He seemed a little overwhelmed and not sure what to do with the cake (unlike me, who cried when I finished my piece and mommy wouldn't give me more). But he's getting so big. They say we all are. But it was fun to see him and other kids that I used to hang with when I was just a baby. Like 6 months ago.

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